Self-publishing is for authors who are unable to break into the highly exclusive world of traditional publishing or who don’t have the time or resources to do it all themselves.

Nearly all self-publishing companies use the exact same technologies to produce and print books, but the similarity often ends there. Each self-publishing company provides its own distinct benefits (and in some cases disadvantages) to the author.

Do your homework before you make your selection. Be sure to consider:

>> The self-publishing contract
>> The retail price (do you get to set your own price?)
>> Your cost to purchase copies of your book from the publishing company
>> Your profit (the amount you receive from each book sale)
>> Will you receive expert advice on marketing your book?
>> Creative control (templates or your own design?)

Always remember that self-publishing companies are in the game to make money. And since they’re probably not going to sell a lot of your books, they make money by selling you services. Some services are definitely worth it, but be selective.

Listed below are a few self-publishing companies you may want to investigate:

CreateSpace — Make your book available to millions of potential readers using this arm of All the tools you need to create, publish, and sell your book in print, Kindle, or audio. Highly recommended.

AuthorHouse — One of the largest of the self-publishing companies. Offers a broad array of tools and services to allow authors to make their own choices throughout the publishing process.

AuthorHouse Self Publishing Boook Company

Dog Ear Publishing — Has the lowest per unit costs of any publishing company. You receive 100% of your Net Sale.

Xlibris — A book publishing company created by authors, for authors.  Offers a comprehensive range of publishing packages.

eBookIt — Provides formatting and conversion of books to e-books and even full distribution (optional) of your converted e-books to all the major e-book retailers.

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