Book Promotion

Writing your book is only the first step. Once it is in print, no one (outside of friends and family) is going to even know about it unless you promote it — and yourself — to the world. Here are a few books to get you headed in the right direction.

Publicize Your Book (Updated): An Insider’s Guide to Getting Your Book the Attention It DeservesEspecially for authors whose book has been published through normal mainstream publishers and who want their book to get additional publicity. Includes tips on how  to work with publicists, editors, and marketing people.


jumpstartJump Start Your Book Sales: A Money-Making Guide for Authors, Independent Publishers and Small PressesFrom selling your book to traditional bookstores, getting a distributor, to going off the beaten path and selling your book in non-traditional ways (e.g., mail-order catalogs), you will learn all the ins and outs of the various avenues.

Check out Better World Books for more how-to books.
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